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Are your global OEM operations ruining Christmas?

Are your global OEM operations ruining Christmas?

You don’t want to be sat at Christmas dinner with your family worrying about whether or not your manufacturing is running smoothly, do you?
What you need is a solution that helps you improve and simplify the global overview of your manufacturing, no matter where you are, or where production is happening.

WATS is THE solution for companies that care about Test Data Management. You can rank yourself alongside OEMs like ABB, Sennheiser, and Siemens if you get started with WATS Test Data Management today.
Enjoy the holidays and get some rest. Use WATS to make that happen.

Managing test data, at scale, shouldn’t have you worried

Test Data is complex. There’s no escaping that. Manually trying to visualize it is time-consuming and prone to error. With so many variables in manufacturing and the increasing need to see your manufacturing landscape in full, you might think that finding a real-time solution for managing test data is impossible.

But it isn’t.

WATS Test Data Management can help. By implementing real-time test data management consistently across your whole manufacturing environment, you can improve and simplify your global overview and get the peace of mind you need.

24/7 Insight – A Real Gift

Want something to unwrap that will really get you excited? How about, real-time data from your whole manufacturing operation in beautiful, customizable dashboards?

You’ll quickly be able to identify bottlenecks and potential problems as they happen and make fixes before any damage is done. You can even spot trends that help you make changes to the overall performance of your entire manufacturing operation.

WATS app UUT reports

When, Where What – All Covered

As if that wasn’t enough, we put all this power at your fingertips, no matter where you are. With the WATS mobile app, running on iOS and Android, you don’t have to log on to your laptop to do a quick health check.

That means if you need a break from the in-laws over the holidays, why not distract yourself and check in on how things are going? With WATS, you’ll see everything is fine.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you turn your test data into value, enable you to focus on what really matters, and have a brilliant holiday.

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