Root Cause

Looking at the test reports (UUT) as a symptom of failure and the repair reports (UUR) as the description of the cause on single units (e.g. process or component failure) the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) module is the next level of quality improvement.
RCA helps you
– Define (what happened?)
– Analyze (why did it happened?)
– Prevent (what will be done to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again)

With skyWATS, you can create issues (RCA ticket) and corrective action requests, manage the resolution of these requests through team collaboration (with your employees and partners), assign tasks, track completion of long-term preventive actions, and link all the tickets to UUT or UUR reports or any other Yield or SPC data with searchable tags.

The RCA is a general tool following the D8 RCA setup and can be used for any cases, not only test and repair related.