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WATS integrates with a wide range of third-party systems and data sources. From manufacturing test systems to enterprise software and business intelligence applications.

WATS integrations

Test and Measurement Data

WATS is a single platform that can collect data from any test system and data source, regardless of location or data format. WATS integrates directly with industry-standard software such as NI TestStand, LabVIEW, ATEasy, Listen SW, etc.
Feature-rich APIs are available to use with .NET, Python, LabWindows/CVI, Java and other similar languages.

WATS customers can access pre-developed data converters for standard test systems such as J-Testr from Eiger Design, Teradyne and Keysight ICT testers, Boundary Scan from XJTAG and TAKAYA Flying Probe. Or you can use the in-product data converters for the ATML format, WATS Standard Text Format and WATS Standard XML/JSON Format.

WATS is capable of reading any existing file formats and databases using the WATS Client and our well-documented data conversion technology.

Get help Converting your Data to WATS

You can upload a data source and allow us or one of our partners to make a pilot converter for you.
Please start your Free Trial before uploading data.

Enterprise Software Systems

A tightly integrated Enterprise Software Architecture is increasingly important to make sure that the information flow in a company is optimal. WATS can integrate with many of your business-critical systems. Such as two-way synchronisation of test and repair information with MES systems, product catalogue and Bill-of-Material information from ERP systems and PLM systems. Or you can publish and read data directly from a Unified Namespace

WATS integrations, industry 4.0
WATS Integrations

Dashboards, Business Intelligence and Third-Party Analytics Applications

You can easily extend your Manufacturing Intelligence platform to BI and dashboard solutions to systems such as Microsoft Power BI, where your test data and KPIs can be displayed in combination with data from other sources. These solutions also allow for customized and advanced data visualization. Should you require analytics features not available in WATS, you can export specific pieces of measurement data to analyze in third party solutions. The benefit of this approach is that you can use the WATS top-down approach for identifying potential issues, followed by very application-specific signal analysis. WATS features native Excel, CSV and XML export. An off-the-shelf connector is available for NI DIAdem to analyze waveform data.


Many of the integration options in WATS is made possible by the RestAPI. This API allows you to extract data and important metrics from manufacturing, as well as supplement your test data with important contextual information such as Bill-of-Materials and component vendor information. You can also use this API to submit test or tracking easily (WIP) reports for your units, access the health status of your test assets, and more.

Read more about the WATS RestAPI on our support portal