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What is WATS?

The WATS Manufacturing Intelligence platform helps you put all of your Manufacturing and RMA Test and Repair Data to work. Any structure, format or source of the data, WATS lets you see your data as one. In real-time, directly in your web browser. This allows for an unrivaled ability to transform your data into actionable insight through statistical and qualitative analysis. Learn more about WATS.


Statistical calculations and data analytics are a core feature of WATS. Our customers benefit from the effective guidance of a top-down approach, where True Yield metrics are at the center. You can quickly and easily break down True First Pass Yield from a global level, into more granular statistics for different products, revisions, test stations, periods, processes, rolled throughput, and actual failing test steps.  See all the WATS features.

WATS Mobile app

Access data from your manufacturing sites directly on your mobile phone.

The app offers overview of yields and volumes and drill down capabilities to see failed tests and trends. Built in scanner to quickly access test history on your products. More information

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Integrate Test Data to your Business Software

WATS can integrate to a wide variety of third-party systems and data sources, from turn-key manufacturing test systems to enterprise software and business intelligence applications.

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Integrate WATS to third-party systems