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Helping Startups with better and safer NPI and Industrialization

The WATS Innovation Support Program is designed to help emerging tech companies with the visibility needed to release new innovative hardware technology to the market. Faster and with reduced operational risk.

A key concern when launching new products is how to deal with product industrialization challenges. How effectively these challenges are managed can be the difference between success and failure for start-ups, as manufacturing problems quickly can escalate out of control unless you have the appropriate control and visibility.

WATS Dashboard

The WATS Innovation Support Program provides Startups with full access to the WATS Platform, unlimited users logins (including companies involved in your supply chain), forum-based product support, and access to online product learning resources. So that you can reduce operational risk, and spend more time on meaningful innovation.

We had no efficient tool to browse through our test reports. All we had were huge spreadsheets and getting the required information out of it was often a days work. WATS was like an epiphany and exactly the tool we were dreaming of. It helped us to increase test reliability and decrease NDF rates during the New-Product-Introduction phase.

The WATS solution tremendously increased our productivity and capability to support our contract manufacturer in mass production. With it we could move away from large and inconvenient spreadsheets to an easy to use cloud based platform with tons of functionalities.

Kevin FuhrerNeeo / Control4
Startup companies

Benefits for start-ups and emerging tech companies

  • Reduced product industrialization risk
  • Better transparency and collaboration with your contract manufacturer
  • Detailed unit traceability, including repairs and RMA, firmware and test software versions used, test stations, sub-units +++
  • Easy access to measurement trends, i.e to evaluate optimal test limits, avoiding false failures and faulty products being shipped out.
  • Better understanding of frequent failures, product repairs, production yields and warranty claims

Program Details and Requirements

The program is available for Startups that develops and sells standardized electronics products. The company should not be more than 5 years old and have a revenue of no more than 2 Million Euro in the current and previous fiscal year.

The duration of the program is two years, with pre-payment of the subscription fee.

WATS Innovation Support Program


€ 19/ month

(98% discount from regular prices)

 WATS Enterprise Subscription
 300MB processed test data per month *
 Customer support
(* Approximately 6000 test reports per month @ 130 numeric test steps per report)
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What does standardized electronics products mean?

Products that generally can be listed in a catalogue of orderable off-the-shelf products.

What happens after the two years has passed?

After two years you can continue on one of our standard paid plans suitable for the features and data processing you need. Should you wish to terminate the subscription Virinco can assist you with exporting your data.

What if my production volume goes beyond the included amount of data?

You can pay overage rate at a discounted rate, per MB, for the excess data. Get in touch with us for a closer discussion.

How do you calculate how many test reports the included amount of data translates to?

This number is based on the average report size in our database. See this calculator for more exact estimates.

How do you recommend that I source the test reports from the test stations?

There are three possible methods for this, the ideal will depend on different factors such as who develops and owns of the test equipment.

The simplest alternative is to ask your test developer or EMS that the test system outputs a standard file format supported by WATS, WSXF or WSTF. This output can be in addition to whatever standard data storage they may use already so that this integration don’t disrupt their current procedures.

The second alternative is to integrate our API into the test sequencer software. The third alternative is to create a custom data converter for the existing file formats produced by the test station.