Are your test systems ready for the new reality?  

Have you thought about the fact that your test systems are responsible, not only to check if a product is good or not, but also to monitor the perhaps most important process in your company? The ability to manufacture electronics efficiently and accurately.

Because of this, the ability to distribute test data throughout the organization is crucial. We are not talking about moving test records, but fully liberating aggregated test data and relevant performance indicators.

Test step yield

Almost immediately after adopting WATS we were exposed to the most present weaknesses in our manufacturing test systems. Within the first month of usage, we were able to reduce the failures in our first test run by 50%, significantly reducing the need to retest our products.

Stefan LedbergManager Test Development, Scanreco.

Extend your test systems

WATS acts as a simple, yet extremely powerful extension of your existing manufacturing test system, allowing business-critical data to be uniformed and accessible to those who need this data to perform their job effectively. All without you having to spend precious time maintaining the information flow.

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Focus on core-tasks

The emerging requirement for companies to see aggregated test data is absolute and will only increase in importance. By leveraging commercial solutions for this data collection and reporting you to avoid the trap of assuming a business intelligence framework for your test systems are a trivial development project. Instead, you get the opportunity to use the data to continuously improve and optimize your test systems, how software updates are distributed to them, and how you keep track of the maintenance status.

System throughput and utilization

The detailed test information made available to you in WATS, such as the most frequent failure overview, will help you better control the performance of your existing test systems. By making changes to your test sequencer based on quantitative and qualitative measurement data and meta-data.

WATS moible app

Optimizing actual test coverage

WATS helps you to continuously monitor and evaluate process data for your various test steps along with test limits so that you can evaluate how suitable the test limits are. Very frequently, these limits have been designed based on theoretical component specifications and previous knowledge from similar products. And then forgotten. With WATS, you can effectively follow up the performance of these at any time, and effectively reduce the chances of a faulty unit passing your tests.