WATS Client

The WATS Client is the software installed on a computer (ATE/Test Station) and transfers data to the WATS.com service.

Pricing of the WATS.com service is based on (1) Quantity and level of WATS Clients (for ATE/Test Station), plus (2) Quantity and level of Users.  Please see price matrixes below:

WATS Client

Monthly pricing (Pre-paid annually). EUR Free € 67 € 100 € 133
Monthly pricing (Pre-paid quarterly). EUR Free € 78 € 117 € 156
For development use only  
Offline support        
LabVIEW toolkit        
TestStand add-on        
.NET API        
Yield Monitor        
Software Distribution (Contact Virinco)      
Serial/MAC Address (Contact Virinco)    

User Level Pricing

Each User is granted access to a User Level. Depending on the different functionality required, you may purchase one or more Users associated with a User Level.
The list below describes functionality included in the different levels.

** A Private User will log in using private credentials and may only be logged in from one location (Browser session) at the time. A Shared User will log in using shared credentials and may have one concurrent User per session.



Monthly pricing (Pre-paid annually) EUR € 20 € 33 € 100 € 60 € 133
Monthly pricing (Pre-paid quarterly) EUR
€ 23 € 39 € 117 € 70 € 156
Private User**
Shared User**


Save and edit private filters
UUT Report
UUT Export
Serial number history
UUR Report
Repair Analysis
Repair Time


Test Step yield & analysis
Product & Test yield
Product yield
Product by Revision yield
Total process yield
Process Capability Analysis
Email based Yield Monitor/summary report


Gauge RnR
Station report
Connection & Execution Time report
OEE analysis


Station Map
Create and edit Private Dashboard
Create and edit Global Dashboard


View and edit my tickets
View and edit all Tickets
Create new tickets
Administrate all tickets


Serial Number history
Create UUR report
Unit verification report
Execute Manual Inspection


Edit Product Groups
Edit Manual Inspection sequences
Update UUT report
Edit Processes (including repair operation)
Edit Unit Verification Rules
System Manager
Manage MAC Addresses (Contact Virinco)
Manage Software Distribution (Contact Virinco)


How does the free trial work?

When you register for a trial, a dedicated WATS account will be created for your selected company name, available at https://”companyname”.wats.com. After the trial is approved, you will receive an email with all the required details to sign in. The trial account comes pre-populated with test data and supporting documentation, to let the user experience easily the solution and capabilities before deciding to upload and analyze their own data. We don’t require any payment or payment details during the trial, so you can try WATS obligation-free.

What happens after trial end?

Our team will contact you before your trial expires, and can issue a quote for a service subscription. Your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customizations, data, and actions can remain intact). If you decide not to continue with a subscription at the end of your trial period, your account will expire.

How can I buy WATS?

If you don’t have an active trial then first, sign up at register.wats.com. Then wait for us to contact you, or email sales@virinco.com. We’ll issue a quote for your initial subscription requirements, and you can manage any changes from that point on from inside your WATS account.

What kind of product training is available

Virinco is continuously adding to our extensive library of online documentation, videos and recorded webinars. For the majority of users this is sufficient to become a proficient WATS users. Should you have the need for more detailed or customized training, please contact us.

Do I need to buy onboarding services?

There is no requirements to buy onboarding services, as WATS is fully an off-the-shelf product. Should you however see a need for assistance with creating data converters, integration to third-party solution or other tailored services we, or our  partner network, can help you in this.

How will you invoice me?

Virinco will invoice you according to your order. We offer both quarter and annual billing, payable through bank transfer. Contact us for more details.

Am I eligeble for discounts?

We offer discounted rates if you choose an annual billing plan. We also offer volume discounts for multiple licenses, and discounts for startup companies. Please contact us for details.

How does the license model work?

The total subscription cost has two main components. You pay for the number of persons using the service (Users) and you also pay for the number of automated test stations that directly or indirectly send data to the WATS server (Clients)

What kind of support do you offer?

WATS offers standard product support via email and our user forum, as a part of any subscription. Contact us for questions or needs around tailored support or training services.