Data Addon Price list:

WATS offers multiple pre-paid data plans to give you a fixed and predictable subscription cost. These data plans are based on the amount of test data you plan to upload for processing, regardless of how many systems you source this data from or how many users need access to the data. Read more about the data plans and how to calculate the amount of data needed 

Add additional data to your included 50 MB/ 100 MB  (Analytics/ Enterprise) subscription, from 100 MB up to more than 300 MB.

PRODUCTAnnual PrepaidAnnual Prepaid
Price per month€ 249 (up to 50 MB incl.)€ 489 (up to 100 MB incl.)
Addon P1 - 100 MB129Included
Addon P2 - 150 MB19989
Addon P3 - 215 MB279199
Addon P4 - 300 MB379329
Addon P5 - 410 MB499479
Addon P6 - 550 MB629649
Addon P7 - 725 MB769829
Addon P8 - 1000 MB9391.049
Addon P9 - 1300 MB1.1191.279
Addon P10 - 1700 MB1.3491.569
Contact sales for more info

For more information, contact sales.