WATS Demonstration Videos

Short introduction and how-to videos

Frequent Failure Analysis

Demonstration on how you can use WATS to better understand your most frequent test failures, and how they affect First Pass Yield.

Process Capability Analysis

Demonstration on PCA in WATS, and how you can use this to improve the test limits for your manufactured electronics.

Analyzing Retests

A short demo on how WATS can help you get a better understanding of the frequency and severity of retesting during electronics production.

Manual Inspection

Demonstration on how to use WATS to document Manual Inspection routines during electronics production.

Introduction to WATS Basic

Demonstration on the core features available in the Basic version of WATS Manufacturing Intelligence.

Creating a Power BI Presentation with WATS

A short demonstration of using Microsoft Power BI to retrieve data from WATS REST API

Basic Yield Reporting

A quick introduction to the basic Yield Reports in WATS.

Periodic Yield Reporting

Introduction to the Periodic Yield Report in WATS

Test Step Analytics

Introduction to Test Step Yield & Analysis in WATS