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Uncover the power of WATS with our Webinars and Events

Upcoming webinars and Events

Watch, listen, learn and participate at your own pace. Our webinars cover a wide range of topics, such as new functionality, dashboards, and new features. Don’t miss out any of our upcoming webinars, sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with upcoming webinars, events and latest news.

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Upcoming Webinars and Events

Banner Electronica 2024

Meet us at Electronica 2024

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Join us at electronica 2024! We will be available throughout the event for introductions and demonstrations of WATS. Visit our booth to meet the WATS team and explore how we…
WATS UP 2024 Invitation

Invitation to WATS UP 2024

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Join us at WATS UP, a one-day event focused on Test Data Management. Connect with colleagues who share similar responsibilities in Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and R&D, and exchange knowledge in…

Recorded Webinars

Check out our most recently recorded webinars:

Webinar: Test Step Analysis

One of our most popular tools has become even better. The Test Step Analysis tool has been completely rewritten giving you more features than before. In this webinar we introduce you to all these new features and show you step by step how you can benefit from these.

Webinar: Process Heatmap with WATS Alvea

We’re excited to announce the pre-release of a groundbreaking feature in WATS, the Process Heatmap with WATS Alvea. This new addition is set to become a central place for starting root cause analysis, providing a more user-friendly and streamlined approach to managing your manufacturing test data.

Webinar: WATS New Server Release 2023.2

WEBINAR: Asset Management

Are you having trouble managing your test equipment effectively?
Discover how you can streamline the asset management process. This webinar will provide you with valuable insights on time and resource-saving techniques, while also improving the reliability of your test equipment. Take advantage of this opportunity to manage your equipment and prevent costly downtime and quality issues. Don’t miss this chance to take control of your test equipment.

Manufacturing Intelligence webinar

Are you looking for ways to save your company from lost profits due to electronics design flaws, manufacturing weaknesses, waste, quality issues, and operator mishandling? You can make this happen with the help of WATS Test Data Management. This webinar will show you how WATS is the foundation for Continuous Improvement for any serious electronics design and manufacturing company. With unrestricted access to test and repair data, stories can be told and solutions implemented to combat costly problems. Join us to find out how easy, scalable, and powerful our platform is!

A Soft Approach to Manufacturing Execution Systems

WEBINAR: Software Distribution

In WATS, the Software Distribution module lets you create, distribute, and install software packages across your test stations and clients. Clients can be configured to automatically receive software packages based on filters such as location, station name, product number or revision. This gives you an efficient way of keeping all your test stations up to date with the correct software/firmware.

In this webinar, we will be going through all steps to create, distribute and install software packages.

Introduction to WATS
Test Data Management

Learn how you can use data stored in test systems to address problems during manufacturing and increase yield and throughput. This webinar will give you an introduction to how to find and use First Pass Yield metrics, finding your most frequent failures.
The intended audience is people that are currently not using WATS, or who have recently started using it.

WATS repair

Learn how to use the repair module in WATS.
When a Unit fails a test step, it indicates something is wrong with the UUT. By adding repair information you can more precisely describe what causes the UUT to fail.

WATS workflow module

WATS Forced Routing Workflow, how-to video.
Learn how to create a simple forced routing workflow with two automated tests and repair.
Using the Operator interface to run a serial number through the workflow.

Manual Inspection
Test Module

Get a detailed introduction on how to configure and execute Manual Inspection Test Sequences, and lose your dependencies on paper and spreadsheets to document test results.
Click the link below to learn more about Manual Inspection and test our test sequence :
Designing Manual Inspection sequences.

Parametric Analysis
using step details view

This webinar gives you a detailed walk-through of how you can access low-level parametric information in WATS, using the Step Details View. This view gives you the option to view and analyze your measurement data, and group this data by meta-categories to investigate real root-causes of the already identified issues.

The intended audience is users with Analyzer or Manager roles, looking to understand the lower level possibilities of root-cause and severity analysis WATS has to offer.

Introduction to
Test Data Managment

This webinar aims to give a conceptual introduction to how proper Test Data Management can help Original Equipment Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturers to improve profitability and product quality.
It also provides an introduction to the Top-Down Approach to quality management that WATS facilitates, and how this ties in with Continuous Improvement Initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma.