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Frequently asked questions

Trialing and Purchasing

How does the free trial work?

When you register for a trial, a dedicated WATS account will be created for your selected company name, available at https://”companyname” After the trial is approved, you will receive an email with all the required details to sign in. The trial account comes pre-populated with test data and supporting documentation, to let the user experience easily the solution and capabilities before deciding to upload and analyze their own data. We don’t require any payment or payment details during the trial so that you can try WATS obligation-free.

What happens after trial end?

Our team will contact you before your trial expires, and can issue a quote for a service subscription. Your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customizations, data, and actions may remain intact). If you decide not to continue with a subscription at the end of your trial period, your account will expire.

How can I buy WATS?

If you don’t have an active trial then first, sign up at Then wait for us to contact you, or email We’ll issue a quote for your initial subscription requirements, and you can manage any changes from that point on from inside your WATS account.

What kind of product training is available

Virinco is continuously adding to our extensive library of online documentation, videos and recorded webinars. For the majority of users this is sufficient to become a proficient WATS users. Should you have the need for more detailed or customized training, please contact us.

Do I need to buy onboarding services?

There is no requirements to buy onboarding services, as WATS is fully an off-the-shelf product. Should you however see a need for assistance with creating data converters, integration to third-party solution or other tailored services we, or our  partner network, can help you in this.

How will you invoice me?

Virinco will invoice you according to your order. We offer both quarter and annual billing, payable through bank transfer. Contact us for more details.

Am I eligeble for discounts?

The pricing model has built-in quantity discounts as the volume of data processed increases.

How does the license model work?

The total subscription cost has two main components. You select the desired set of features – WATS Basic, Analytics or Enterprise. The second component is the size of the data that you wish to process beyond what is included in the base plan. These are managed through add-ons.

What kind of support do you offer?

WATS offers standard product support via email and our user forum, as a part of any subscription. Contact us for questions or needs around tailored support or training services.


What is the difference between a User and a WATS Client?

The User is an individual that login to the service to access reports & analysis, customize the system or create Repair Reports (UUR). WATS supports multiple pre-configured or customizable user-levels, depending on the privileges you wish to grant your users. WATS Client is the software installed on a computer (ATE/Test Station) that transfers data to the service. A test operator (executing a test on the Unit via an automated test station) does not require a User account unless using the WATS Manual Inspection interface.

What is the difference between WATS and

Our product name is WATS and is the name of the service where we offer WATS as a service by a rented cloud solution.

Can I run WATS On Premise?

WATS can run On-Premise at your internal servers, or in private clouds hosted by Virinco or you – in numerous different IT set-ups. Please see this article for details.

Does Virinco offer any support?

Yes, we offer email support, community forum and an extensive Help Center

How can I import data into WATS?

The WATS Client offers numerous ways to import data into WATS. Either by integrating with marked leading software like LabVIEW, TestStand or .NET, or by reading existing files and databases.

Where is my data located? use Microsoft Azure platform for application hosting. Standard data center is in Western Europe (Amsterdam), but we also offer hosting in any of the world wide Azure sites.

Data Model

Visit our Data Plan Information page for more information on how the WATS pricing model for data volumes work.

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