Industrial Electronics

Compliance and regulatory requirements, contracted expectations of product performance, and increasing global competition from low-cost competitors means that the error margins for product failure in the industrial electronics industry can be unforgiving. In the worst cases even terminal.

Rigid, reactive quality assurance

A typical protective measure is the implementation of rigid quality assurance controls before a product is shipped. Although this, sometimes, has the potential to avoid the most critical product failures, it completely fails to facilitate continuous improvement and manufacturing effectiveness. This type of quality assurance also fails to recognize that problems are introduced at different stages in the manufacturing process, and should be detected and fixed where it takes place. The result is that your product introduction and industrialization processes bleeds money through various holes of inefficiency and lack of transparency.

wats helps the electronics industry
fix, control, understand and prioritize

Better Manufacturing Intelligence

WATS enables the flow of mission-critical data related to manufacturing and field failures. By ensuring that data from testing, repair and RMA is given to those best equipped to evaluate its severity and required response. It is the perfect example of how companies making Industrial Electronics can add software technologies for Digitalization and Industrial IoT on top of their regular activities, to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. To understand what is causing their products to fail, during manufacturing or in the field. Both real failures, and false failures. And then fixing, and taking the lessons from that with them, so that the problem does not repeat itself tomorrow.

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By selecting WATS we will gain real-time information from our production sites globally. We can easily investigate issues that occur by analysis tools and reports provided in WATS

Jonas NilefellEMS Quality Manager, ABB Control Technologies

Total product traceability

When a product is finalized, the data accurately reflect the story on how that exact unit came into this world. And as time goes by, and the inevitable product failures occurs, you can use that data to understand the commonalities of failures. To make sure product recalls becomes a thing of the past.

WATS manufacturing system
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Effective control of global manufacturing and supply chain

WATS helps collect the data from any factory in the world, including your subcontractors. Not only does it help you understand your data, but it also enables you to optimize important activities that often are root causes of detected and undetected failures. Poor control of test software versions or unit firmware currently in use leads to expensive rework. Uncalibrated or poorly maintained test systems causes false failures and unnecessary downtime in manufacturing. With WATS, all of these problems are effectively managed by standard off-the-shelf functionality.