Can your team make fully informed decisions?

Making informed and effective decisions based on data requires the highest standards for your data extraction and distribution architecture. This is particularly true when considering the choices that require consensus from multiple different internal functions. You need to make sure that any and all of your test and repair data is available to any and all people that can convert it to action.

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WATS improved our reporting loop by more than 90%, from more than 20 days to less than one day.
The WATS platform makes Eltek Valere confident of the global outsourcing

Reidar HagenChief Technology Officer, Eltek

Real-time Data

Automatic data collection and uniforming means that you don’t have to maintain different data strategies for legacy systems or off-the-shelf test instruments. WATS can read any test result format, and will automatically uniform the data so that you can see the aggregated result as one, directly in your web browser or on your mobile phone.

Resource and Maintenance Planning

Do you have good detailed and granular control of the maintenance status of your test assets? WATS converts your test data into usage data for your test units, so that you can accurately plan maintenance based on the actual usage. This data is aggregated into a system-health score that you can display in a native dashboard, or post to an external system using our API.

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Performance Tracking

The financial return on your test assets is a direct function of its ability to have high availability, accurate test coverage and solid test yields. WATS contains several features that support you in evaluating the performance of products, test stations, suppliers, test operators, and more.

Read about the WATS top-down approach to quality and performance management.

Enterprise Connectivity

The business intelligence platform in a modern company typically consists of multiple different tools designed to distribute data. Either to the people that are able to convert it into action, or to supplement the data found in other systems.

WATS has a unique ability to expose manufacturing test KPIs and raw data to other solutions such as BI Dashboard applications. It also allows you to automatically import contextual information about your products, such as Bill-of-Material, to exponentially grow your ability to perform root-cause analysis.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Understanding the real test performance for products or sub-units received from your suppliers is critical for evaluating the actual cost and quality impact caused by sub-contractors. It might be easy to argue that the problems experienced at a sub-contractor are paid for by them. But it is negligent not to assume that this cost is paid for by you eventually. WATS also allows you to track performance all the way down to component article numbers, to better understand what components should be reconsidered at later product revisions.