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Create Repair

Use the Operator Interface to log customizable repair operations directly to WATS, linked to the failed step and test report. Here you can assign repair categories, failure types, component references, attach images and replace subunits.

Create repair reports

Track and analyze repair processes

WATS features detailed repair analytics allowing you to investigate your reports based on failure types, component numbers and references. Increase your product traceability and insight into the actual root cause of your failures by adding relevant repair information to your unit history.

Analyze your repairs

WATS features detailed repair analytics and a User Interface that lets you capture these structured repair reports along with image attachments or other relevant operator comments.

Scan barcode and analyse your repair

Scan your barcodes directly

The Repair Operator Interface uses HTML5 technology to allow you to connect directly to accessories such as barcode scanners and cameras.

Serial Number History

Get instant access to the full serial number history, along with statistics informing about the most frequent historical repair types for the failed test steps.

Serial number history

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Manual Inspection

Events & Alarming

MAC & Serial number

Asset Management

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