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Be alert of unwanted scenarios

Get a notification when a unit is retested more than five times? Receive an alarm if the yield at a specific factory drops by 3% in less than 2 hours?

Soft approach

You can configure a wide range of alarms and warnings. It allows for a soft approach to factory management, where you are explicitly made aware of undesired scenarios so that you then can determine the best remedy.

Alarms in the WATS App

Alarms and Notifications can be accessed from the More menu, and shows a list of the 1000 most recent triggered Alarms and Notifications rules. The items in the lists show the rule name, serial number, part number, test operation, and product name of the report that caused the rule to trigger, as well as the UTC date of when the rule was triggered. Read more about the alarms in the app. 

Alarms in the WATS app


Using Test Data To Find The Root Causes Of Failures

For Frederik, our test developer, WATS’ most valuable asset is the ability to tune sequences and perform yield analysis. As a consultant, he uses data from WATS to develop better test systems.

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