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Analyze your data using a top-down approach

Statistical calculations and data analytics are core features of WATS. Our customers benefit from the effective guidance of a top-down approach, where True Yield metrics are at the center. Investigate your Yield in highly granular reports, from enterprise-level, all the way down to individual measurements and serial numbers.

Test Data Analytics
Test step Yield

Identify your top failing and most time-consuming operations

You can quickly and easily identify your most frequent failing test and most time-consuming steps, ensuring that you spend your time investigating the processes with the most potential for improvement.

Process Capability Analysis

WATS Process Capability Analysis will ensure that your test coverage is as good as you intended it to be. Reveal any issues related to your test limits by investigating Cpk values on all test steps.

Introduction to Test Data Analysis in WATS

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Storing test data and analyzing them was as long as I can remember always a challenge. It stopped suddenly in the moment I started using WATS!

Matthias StraußProduction Manager Service and Support,Sennheiser

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Repair & Analytics

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Asset Managment

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Software Distribution