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Learn how WATS can help your team

Get a deep dive on how WATS work – and discover how easy our platform is to use. Ask our WATS experts anything you like.

The demo will provide you with an excellent opportunity to see how WATS can access your test data and let you have a real-time overview of your manufacturing.

Book your WATS demo now and we will contact you shortly to find a suitable time and date.

Instant Setup

WATS provides complete access to all of your data, is easy to use, and integrates with other test or business critical systems.

Real-time Test Data

WATS helps you make critical decisions in real-time by providing access to all your Test Data to identify trends, analyse yields and failures.

Continuously Improvement

Think Lean, think WATS – the system is completely consistent with the Six Sigma principles. Use WATS’ top-down approach to detect frequent test or product failures when they first appear and fix them quickly.

Test Data Analytics video capture

WATS Features

We all know that a competent team responsible for the production quality will need information to make good decisions. WATS have all the tools you need to have complete control and helps you identify problems and solve them quickly.

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