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Welcome to WATS

At WATS, we are experts in Test Data Management, partnering with high-tech companies and innovative startups to revolutionize testing and manufacturing with our product, WATS. WATS is our solution for Test Data Management, specifically designed for Electronics Manufacturing.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower our customers to launch better products and services faster and more cost-effectively, helping them stay competitive using test and repair data.

Our Track Record

Since 2003, our groundbreaking Test Data Management solution has supported thousands of global users and processed over 100 billion data points.

Our Customers

Our customers range from small disruptors and government entities to prestigious Fortune 500 companies – all benefiting from WATS’ commitment to excellence.

Transform Your Data

WATS helps you utilize your manufacturing and RMA Test and Repair Data, transforming it into actionable insights through statistical and qualitative analysis.

Part of Virinco Group

WATS is part of the Virinco Group. Join the ranks of leading manufacturers and experience the WATS difference today!

Meet the Team