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Collect and visualize your test & repair data

Integrate any test and repair station to WATS, and democratize your test data. From your entire supply chain. Quickly identify production yield issues, frequent test or product failures, poor test coverage or other performance problems. In real-time, directly through your web browser or mobile device.

What is WATS Test Data Management?

Monitor your test data with WATS

Improve processes & automate monitoring

WATS helps you gain new insights from your manufacturing data. Insights you can use to better understand and evolve your existing test processes and product designs. Make these new insights operational with advanced process monitoring rules and automated distribution intelligence.

Learn more about WATS Monitoring

Integrated software stack for Industry 4.0

Advanced sequencer integrations help turn your existing test systems into modern Industrial IoT devices. The WATS Rest API help ensure that your enterprise software stack is fully integrated and optimized from top to bottom or your Unified Namespace, ready for the digital transformation journey.

Explore WATS Integration options.

third party integrations with wats

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Automated Data Collection

Upload test data to your WATS server, where it will be ready for further analytics and reporting.


Easily create dashboards with refresh capabilities and custom filters.

Test Data Analytics

Statistical calculations and data analytics are a core feature of WATS.

Events and Alarming

Specify pre-defined scenarios that you would like to be proactively warned about, like when a unit is retested more than five times.

Software Distribution

Design software packages, and centralise the automated distribution of these based on the product parameters and location of the products currently being tested.

Asset Management

Define test assets, with sub-components and maintenance intervals, and use WATS to report the overall health status of your assets.

Repair and Analytics

Get repair and failure-type statistics for parameters such as part-numbers and revision, component references, component numbers, test steps, test operator and test station.

Manual Inspection

Lets you graphically design the test flow, along with a web interface that takes the test operator through all the necessary steps.

More features

See all the WATS features.

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WATS for Mobile offers an overview of yields and volumes, and drill-down capabilities to see failed tests and trends. And a built-in scanner to quickly access test history on your products. More information


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