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Effective dashboards can have a significant impact on manufacturing performance. WATS offers a range of widgets and options to design dashboards showing relevant KPIs on Enterprise, as well as on production line level.

Show KPIs on enterprise and on production level

Global Station Map

gives you a quick global overview of manufacturing locations and performance.

Compare and measure KPIs in real-time

With WATS you can create customized dashboards that display real-time performance on a global Enterprise level or compare performance between production lines.

I start WATS as a first thing every morning to check new test results and trends from production. Test and repair data is collected from more than 200 test machines on different sites.

Test Engineering Manager / Happy WATS Customer for more than 10 years, Norway

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Learn how WATS can access your test data and let you have a Real-Time overview of your manufacturing.

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Software Distribution


Test Data Analytics

Events & Alarming

Manual Inspection

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