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Root Cause Ticketing

The Root Cause Ticketing module seamlessly integrates with the WATS Reporting tool. WATS offers multiple methods for creating tickets in the module, ensuring seamless tracking and documentation of relevant information. Our system supports the 8D-problem solving model approach for continuous process improvement.

Illustration for WATS Ticketing system. A man with tickets in his hand.

Root Cause Ticketing in WATS

You can access the ticketing feature directly from the dashboards or through the Root Cause Ticketing module. The system is easy to use and supports a problem-solving process that aims to identify the underlying causes of a problem. The goal is to prevent and solve root causes rather than just addressing symptoms that arise.

How to create a ticket

In WATS, there are multiple methods available for creating, updating, and deleting tickets, making the module easy to use.

To create a ticket within the Root Cause Module, you can click on the “+ New Tickets” button. Alternatively, you can create a ticket directly from a Test Report by clicking the drill-down button and selecting the “create RCA ticket” option. The ticket will include searchable tags and links.

The 8D Problem Solving Model

The Root Cause Ticketing module in WATS is designed to follow the 8D Problem Solving Model. The goal of this method is to find the root cause of a problem, and take corrective action to prevent similar problems in the future.

  • D1: Define the Team
  • D2: Describe the problem
  • D3: Implement immediate actions
  • D4: Perform root cause analysis
  • D5: Implement corrective actions
  • D6: Confirm action effect
  • D7: Implement preventive actions
  • D8: Approve and close

For me, the biggest benefit of WATS is being able to easily drill into finding root cause errors. It’s continuously improving. The visibility of data is drastically improved. Before WATS, it was basically impossible to track anything at scale. Now, we put dashboards up on big monitors, enabling everyone to see everything.

Svein Olav HusebySenior Industrialization Engineer, Q-Free

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