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Introducing WATS Alvea: Advanced Analytics with AI Technology!

By June 12th, 2024No Comments
WATS Process Heatmap with WATS Alvea

Exciting news: WATS Alvea Is Now Live!

Want some exciting news? One of our biggest ever developments in WATS in years is now live. Our AI technology, WATS Alvea is now available for public release and the positive response so far has been fantastic, so we thought it was about time we let you know just how powerful this technology is going to be for WATS users.

Embracing The ‘Beehive’ Concept

Alvear is Latin for ‘beehive’. We’d never miss the opportunity to build something around the bee theme, making sure to put our own spin on it. The idea behind the name is that like a pollinating bee, test stations bring data into WATS, where it’s looked after and turned into something even better – insight.

Advanced Analytics with AI Technology

Without getting too technical – WATS Alvea is part of our Manufacturing Intelligence vision and project, which is made up of technologies that help you make more informed decisions.

WATS Alvea is an engine in WATS that utilizes AI to carry out root cause analysis and analyze data on its own. That means that WATS Alvea surfaces insight for you, making suggestions that are relevant to the way you use the platform.

WATS Process Heatmap with WATS Alvea

WATS Alvea recognize patterns in your data

WATS Alvea can recognize patterns in the data that you feed into WATS and provide root cause analysis without you having to lift a finger. That’s a big deal: whether it’s your first time using WATS or you’ve been using it for ten years. It means that WATS Alvea is able to unearth insight that you might not have even considered as a potential avenue of investigation.

Uncovering Insights Effortlessly

If you’ve been using WATS for any amount of time, you’ll be familiar with how good a job it does of showing you in a clear way how well your tests, products, batches, whatever you’re tracking, are performing. Well, WATS Alvea takes that approach one step further.

Perhaps you have a series of test stations, they’re all performing well… except one. You’re only getting a 90% first-pass yield on this particular machine. WATS Alvea will be able to tell you, without you having to ask, that there is a particular test station causing yield to drop. It isn’t going to necessarily solve that problem for you, but straight away it’s got you one step closer to actual root cause analysis.

WATS Alvea Delivers Time Saving Features

The additional insight is of course the primary benefit of WATS Alvea, but there’s also a time-saving element that is potentially huge for your testing operation. WATS has always been quicker for handling test data than Excel or PowerBI, but this takes that to another level. Whether you’re part of a huge enterprise organization with manufacturing distributed globally, or a start-up where you’re responsible for everything, time saved is a win anywhere.

Try WATS Alvea in some of our most popular tools

WATS Alvea has been implemented to support new and powerful features in some of our most popular tools such as Process Heatmap, Test Step Analysis and Step Details.

WATS Process Heatmap with WATS Alvea Suggestions in the upper right corner

We first showed off WATS Alvea at Productronica last year, and to say it was well received would be an understatement. It’s now officially live and we can’t wait to see just how much impact it makes for every user out there. Book your demo today for WATS or contact us if you want a demo of specific features.