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Introducing The New WATS Converter For SigmaQuest Unit Report XML

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Exciting news for manufacturers using SigmaSure! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a converter specifically designed for the SigmaQuest UnitReport XML format used by Camstar SigmaSure. While this update may not be relevant to those unfamiliar with the SigmaSure platform, it’s a significant development for its dedicated user base – especially for those in the manufacturing industry who need to work with that file type, as Camstar SigmaSure reaches end of life.

Background On Camstar SigmaSure

Released in 2011, Camstar SigmaSure 7.1 revolutionized supply network visibility and product quality data accessibility in the cloud. It allowed for real-time monitoring and analysis of quality data across globally dispersed supply chains – capturing information from suppliers, manufacturers, and service centers.

This platform streamlined data exchange, offered flexible reporting, and enhanced security, making it a vital tool for global manufacturing networks. In essence, it does all the things that WATS always aims to help users with, so it was a natural progression for us to create this converter.

The Need For Conversion

While Camstar SigmaSure has been a well-used tool, the software is unfortunately now reaching end of life. With that in mind, we knew that many users still reliant on this system for their manufacturing processes would be left wanting without a way to continue working with an established file format.

That’s how we got here. It’s another way of demonstrating our commitment to all of you by making sure that all the data in your SigmaSure setup remains accessible and usable, even as you transition to newer systems.

Benefits For SigmaSure Users

By using our WATS converter, SigmaSure users can:

  • Maintain continuity during your transition from SigmaSure to another system without losing historical data.
  • Enhance data insight by leveraging existing historical data for ongoing quality management and supply chain analysis.
  • Save a tonne of time and effort by removing the need for manual data entry or a challenging data migration exercise.

This converter is without a doubt a technical addition to the already bumper toolkit you get out of the box with WATS. But more than that leap in tech, it’s a pretty clear signal that we’re here to support manufacturers and anyone in a testing or production environment for the life of their business.

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