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Helping Streamline Envisics’ Photonics Testing

By May 6th, 2024No Comments
Envisics genuinely transformed their testing by using WATS.

Working with Envisics has, to say the least, been a fulfilling partnership. They’re right at the cutting edge of applied photonics tech and so being able to help them with what we do best has been not only a pleasure for us, but a big benefit for them. Before we started working together, they had the same old story, labor-intensive data analytics and testing that was way more hassle than it needed to be. Now it’s a process that supports itself. Keep reading to find out more.

Envisics’ Challenge

At the heart of Envisics’ operation was the need to conduct a series of critical tests for their production, involving a series of both electrical and optical tests. Before WATS, the team used to start the day by sifting through a huge amount of data. Each device test-generated several hundred rows of data, which then had to be manually investigated – a process that was as tedious as it sounds.

Implementing WATS

WATS was implemented within Envisics about a year ago, and it was a strategic move to enhance productivity and accuracy in data handling. We wanted to enable the team at Envisics to have all their data in one place. One of the key metrics that all manufacturers are keen to see is yield, and that was no different with Envisics.

The first thing we had to do was integrate with their supplier’s end-line test solution because once there was a way to handle data coming out there, it would unlock easy access for everyone who needed it. We built a converter that makes checking the yield from each station a task that is no longer dreaded but actually handled with just a few clicks. This whole process was made a lot easier because we were working with a trusted partner of ours in the UK.

“The integration of test data upload has been a significant development that WATS tailored for us, really improving our ability to troubleshoot and understand each test report comprehensively. WATS has removed the manual side of data analysis, it’s all exportable and filterable, and all the data’s there in one place.”
Sahar Chowdhury, Senior Photonics Engineer, Envisics

WATS Delivers

Envisics were able to see the power of WATS immediately from that point of implementation. No longer was every morning filled with the monotony of data delimiting. Instead, the team could now utilize features like Test Step Yield and Analysis to quickly identify the top ten failure modes. This tool was particularly beneficial as it enabled a proactive approach to quality control, distinguishing between marginal and definitive failures much more effectively.

The WATS system also catered to specific needs such as uploading test data directly to each test report. This bespoke feature significantly simplified troubleshooting and improved the understanding of each test report for any user.

On a broader scale, we’ve helped bring a new level of insight into the testing process, allowing Envisics to focus not just on immediate yields but also on process capability. By examining data in volume, Envisics can now make informed decisions about product quality and yield optimization, moving towards a more mature and refined production process.

Working with Envisics has been a demonstration that we bring what we promise. Whether it’s the much loved standard WATS modules, our ability to integrate with other platforms or develop bespoke features for customers – we always help make testing better.

Got test data you need to get a handle on? Sick of seeing yield drop without understanding why? WATS is ready to help, so contact us today.

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