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WATS Welcomes HetQuarter as a New Sales Partner!

By January 11th, 2024No Comments
WATS Test Data Management monitor picture

We are thrilled to announce that HetQuarter has formed a sales partnership with Virinco to promote the WATS test data management system for assembly production in Denmark.

Drammen, Norway – Hadsten, Denmark, December 2023

The WATS system moves the focus in production to the quality of the actual produced item and continuously monitors that quality. This allows for sustaining the level of quality, handling the daily variations that always occur in normal production – and furthermore, it provides the information foundation for continuous improvement programs, showing quite clearly where to prioritize the efforts.

Having been involved in the sales of the system for over 10 years at previous companies, the thought of taking over the partnership was an easy decision – I am looking forward to meeting old and new acquaintances in the Danish assembly production field,” says Henrik Hornbæk Thomsen, Owner, HetQuarter and continues: “Going forward the focus will be not only on the WATS  system itself but just as much on supporting the improvements in production the system allows for.”

HetQuarter, Henrik Thomsen, a WATS partner.

Henrik Hornbæk Thomsen, HetQuarter

In entering the partnership with Henrik Thomsen and HetQuarter, we are excited to announce that we will continue our strong focus on WATS growth, reinforcing the continuity of our collaborative efforts with Henrik.” says Vidar Grønås, CSO at Virinco AS, the company behind the WATS system.

Learn more about WATS and how it helps you keep your production at its best:

HetQuarter is the company of Henrik Hornbæk Thomsen, who has been involved with sales of the WATS for more than a decade.