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WATS is a Manufacturing Intelligence service that transforms test and repair data into actionable information, by providing easy access to yield, trends, statistical parameters and more – all in real time, through your browser!
Test Data is collected from your test machines and transferred to a server hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud, or on your own infrastructure. Advanced alarming will notify you of events and WATS provides a method to investigate problems through predefined reports. WATS is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test and business critical systems.

  • Scalable to support a global manufacturing architecture
  • Link test with repair data
  • True first past Yield calculation


Integrate with other test or business-critical systems

WATS is a Manufacturing Intelligence platform that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test or business-critical systems.
Reporting and analysis through your web browser. Read more about WATS integrations.

  • Plug and play with NI TestStand and LabVIEW
  • API for Visual Studio, Python and others
  • Connectivity with ERP, MES, PLM systems
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Connect LabView, TestStand, Visual Studio, MES, ERP and python to WATS


Automated Data Collection

Upload test data to your WATS server, where it will be ready for further analytics and reporting.


Easily create dashboards with refresh capabilities and custom filters.

Test Data Analytics

Statistical calculations and data analytics are a core feature of WATS.

Events and Alarming

Specify pre-defined scenarios that you would like to be proactively warned about, like when a unit is retested more than five times.

Software Distribution

Design software packages, and centralise the automated distribution of these based on the product parameters and location of the products currently being tested.

Asset Management

Define test assets, with sub-components and maintenance intervals, and use WATS to report the overall health status of your assets.

Repair and Analytics

Get repair and failure-type statistics for parameters such as part-numbers and revision, component references, component numbers, test steps, test operator and test station.

Manual Inspection

Lets you graphically design the test flow, along with a web interface that takes the test operator through all the necessary steps.

More features

See all the WATS features.

What is WATS Manufacturing Intelligence?

The WATS Manufacturing Intelligence platform helps you put all of your Manufacturing and RMA Test and Repair Data to work. Any structure, format or source of the data, WATS lets you see your data as one. 

Read more about WATS here.

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By selecting WATS we will gain real-time information from our production sites globally.

Jonas Nilefell, EMS Quality ManagerABB Control Technologies selects WATS for Test Data Analysis

Implementation of WATS has significantly reduced our response times for problems in our manufacturing.

Jyri Hakolaevelopment Enginee, Metso Flow Control Inc.

We are using WATS to effectively harness our test data to be used as a business driving tool.
WATS gives you the potential to base your actions on the actual data.

Lauri AnttilaTest Development Manager, Planmeca Oy

Sennheiser is rolling out WATS. Several hundred test stations will be connected and they can follow their data in real time.

Matthias StraußProduction Manager Service and Support, Sennheiser

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