WATS Client

The WATS Client allows you to plug into NI TestStand with no programming integration, NI LabVIEW or any programming language supporting .NET assembly (WATS API). The WATS client is software that installs on a test station (ATE) and communicates with the WATS service. The main purpose of the client is to communicate data from applications locally and safely transfer them to the service – from any location – using internet communication (reporting supports offline connection).

A Yield monitor can run locally and display instant quality data to the operators.

The WATS Client also supports a converter plug-in structure. This means that by using .NET, you can create custom converters that read and import any flat file format and upload the data to WATS. The WATS Client will automatically monitor a target folder (or multiple) for new reports and automatically execute the converter and upload the report.

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