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Webinar: WATS Server Release 2021.1

The major Feature areas in this release:

  • Manual Inspection improvements
  • New Dashboard module
  • New Production Manager
  • Production and Test yield module with a new and modern design.

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Introduction to WATS
Manufacturing Intelligence

Learn how you can use data stored in test systems to address problems during manufacturing and increase yield and throughput. This webinar will give you an introduction to how to find and use First Pass Yield metrics, finding your most frequent failures.
The intended audience is people that are currently not using WATS, or who have recently started using it.

WATS repair

Learn how to use the repair module in WATS.
When a Unit fails a test step, it indicates something is wrong with the UUT. By adding repair information you can more precisely describe what causes the UUT to fail.

WATS workflow module

WATS Forced Routing Workflow, how-to video.
Learn how to create a simple forced routing workflow with two automated tests and repair.
Using the Operator interface to run a serial number through the workflow.

Manual Inspection
Test Module

Get a detailed introduction on how to configure and execute Manual Inspection Test Sequences, and lose your dependencies on paper and spreadsheets to document test results.
Click the link below to learn more about Manual Inspection and test our test sequence :
Designing Manual Inspection sequences.

Parametric Analysis
using step details view

This webinar gives you a detailed walk-through of how you can access low-level parametric information in WATS, using the Step Details View. This view gives you the option to view and analyze your measurement data, and group this data by meta-categories to investigate real root-causes of the already identified issues.

The intended audience is users with Analyzer or Manager roles, looking to understand the lower level possibilities of root-cause and severity analysis WATS has to offer.

Introduction to
Manufacturing Intelligence

This webinar aims to give a conceptual introduction to how proper Manufacturing Intelligence can help Original Equipment Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturers to improve profitability and product quality.
It also provides an introduction to the Top-Down Approach to quality management that WATS facilitates, and how this ties in with Continuous Improvement Initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma.

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