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Picture of golfer using Trackman

Trackman is a big name in the world of sports tech, putting out industry-leading sports tech like the Trackman indoor golf simulators or Trackman Range for one way of tracking outdoor shots.

The Trackman story started with a question: Could we track a golf ball? However, since 2003 Trackman’s relentless philosophy and desire to seek, to probe, test and push, have brought them to the very forefront with technology leading the industry.

As a market leader, Trackman products end up in the hands of everyone from pros right the way through to casual players, so guaranteeing their tech delivers is critical to their business.

Having worked with Trackman for over a decade, we’ve been able to see their commitment to quality in the work we’ve done alongside their testing team and it’s something we wanted to shine a light on.

A new approach to Test Data Management

Ten years ago the production landscape at Trackman was very different from what it looks like today. The R&D was a small group and the presence of engineering in production was also smaller. Since then, they’ve scaled to nearly seven hundred people and several offices.

Like many growing manufacturers, this setup is common, but it was at a point that Trackman decided to rethink its approach to production, aiming for improvements in data management processes for everyone. That decision, taken earlier than many other businesses we’ve seen in that position, and the adoption of WATS as part of it, was the seed from which Trackman’s new approach to test data management grew.

This pivot helped Trackman accelerate its drive toward being an even more data-driven company. Of course, it’s a huge part of the ethos behind their product lineup, so it only makes sense that their internal practices mirror that commitment to the power of data.

“At some point, managing SQL queries became too cumbersome. We leveraged WATS across a wider range of test stations, improving our data analysis capability and further supporting both R&D and our management team.”

Nikolaj Egeskov Østergaard, Team Leader – Test Systems Engineer, Trackman

Data-Driven decision-making

When we first started working with Trackman, they were a team of 54 in Denmark and now they have a global footprint supporting not only the PGA tour but also Olympic athletes.

That’s some pretty significant scaling, and with that comes added complexity, particularly in production. Thankfully, their way of doing things has continued to help their growth because they never stop finding better ways to manage and use data – in the case of test data management, that’s using WATS.

“The whole operation is more complicated than when we started, but WATS simplifies the ways we’re able to analyze data and share it among the whole team. Everyone here always wants more data to improve the quality of our decision-making. WATS gives us that, and it’s totally seamless.”

Nikolaj Egeskov Østergaard, Team Leader – Test Systems Engineer, Trackman

Innovation and quality at its core

Trackman produce state-of-the-art hardware platforms and deliver improvements across tracking algorithms and front-end applications in innovative ways. Only when hardware is fully exhausted do they launch a new generation platform in the journey. And when they do, they make sure to do it right. At WATS we are looking forward to continue following Trackman on their innovative path.

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