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Some Pitches Really Are Worth Your Time

By November 9th, 2022No Comments
No thanks. I´m too busy. A salesperson is trying to contact potential customers and trying to help. WATS can help the electronics manufacturing industry.

No one likes the hard sell, and a lot of people don’t like any sell at all. Wherever you find yourself on the sales aversion spectrum, remember that while people promoting a product are doing so for their benefit, there’s more than likely benefit in it for you as well. We run into people who don’t want to hear about WATS, but they actually are missing out. Don’t be one of them!

This cartoon perfectly illustrates our point, and it’s a scenario we have run into on more than one occasion. But, rather than this be us ranting about the challenges of sales, let’s instead focus on the attitude that motivates this behaviour and, ultimately, costs business quality.

Finger On The Pulse

If we talk to manufacturers about managing test data, it’s because we genuinely believe we can help. We don’t spend our time trying to sell WATS to greengrocers or florists – it’s built for manufacturers who want more control and oversight of their test data. We’ll explain more about why hearing us out is worth your time – you just have to hear us out first.

Of course, we understand that you’re too busy for every pitch – we’re the same. But being able to focus on the challenges you’re facing and keeping your eyes and ears open to opportunities that might arise from the deft call or email or a salesperson with a real solution is a genuine skill.

A skill that can be developed. We’ve written before about getting away from the daily firefighting that plagues manufacturing, and instead focusing on the horizon so that you can anticipate issues before they develop into real problems. Being open to new ways of tackling issues is a part of that.

Arm Yourself With The Right Tools

While you might feel alone when it comes to the challenges of manufacturing, the truth is that lots of people and businesses are experiencing exactly what you are right now. Late parts, off-spec component swaps, unreliable test data – they’re not unique challenges, so know that you aren’t alone.

Because you aren’t alone, companies like ours have developed tools to help you. We help support businesses with market-wide issues, and that’s why our tool has been adopted across sectors and continents. When our salespeople call your business, they do so armed with solutions to problems you face. Trust us, they wouldn’t call if they didn’t think they could make a sale, and they can only make a sale with actual value.

So, next time your phone rings, think about the problems you’re facing in managing your manufacturing environment and whether a solution might just be waiting on the other end of the line.

Need to improve quality in your manufacturing? Start with WATS and manage your test data during every step of production.

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