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The Power of WATS Hosting

Discover the power of WATS hosting!

Today, we’re here to introduce you to the impressive capabilities of our two main hosting options – cloud and on-premises. In this blog, we’ll cover an overview of both options, and delve into Rest API integrations, the WATS Client, and how the WATS solution can help you to reduce the risk of online dependencies.

WATS Hosting Options at a Glance

Both our cloud and on-premises installations offer exceptional functionality for handling test and repair data, centralized in a database, lake, or warehouse. To access WATS, you can either use the WATS Client or the Rest API – so no matter your needs, there’s an option that will fit.

Rest API: Integration, Automation, and Efficiency

The Rest API is a fantastic tool for integrating WATS with other server applications (ERP, PLM, PDM, MES, etc.), reporting applications (PowerBI, Tableau, Minitab, etc.), or reading/writing test and repair reports.

When using the rest API, the user may read and/or write data to WATS. The user must use a 3rd party application that connects securely with the Rest API and handles the communication. As one example, if you try to upload a report to WATS and the connection or transfer fails, the 3rd party application must handle error scenarios and then retransmit.

Your Gateway to Seamless Data Management

The WATS client boasts a rich API that communicates with the WATS Server application. Divided into TDM and MES, it handles test and repair reports, unit information, software distribution, assets, workflows, and more. The client is built for robustness, ensuring secure uploads and downloads, even when faced with poor network connections or even network failures.

Online Connection Dependence: A Calculated Decision

Integrating the Rest API – or certain WATS functions – into your test application can create a dependency on an online connection to WATS. It’s essential to weigh the risks and benefits of this decision, as connectivity issues can disrupt testing and production. However, when working correctly, this dependency can greatly improve your application’s value.

Reducing Risk with WATS: Safeguarding Your Online Dependencies

WATS employs a number of features to mitigate the risks of online dependencies:

  • Professional, modern hosting using Microsoft Azure for robustness and maximum uptime
  • Global hosting in several regions to bring data closer to your site
  • WATS Client support for offline functionality: like buffering reports, local storage for serial numbers/MAC addresses, and local execution of software packages
  • Regional Servers to create synchronized “slave” accounts for faster connection and separate user access
  • Local Servers for factory network installation, ensuring clients don’t require 24/7 online connection to the master server

WATS hosting options empower you with cutting-edge tools to support your test data management.

Whether you choose a cloud or on-premises installation, the potential benefits of Rest API integrations, the WATS Client, and the risk reduction we’ve built into the solution give you a robust, efficient, and future-proof solution.

We’re here to support your journey toward seamless data integration and unparalleled operational success. Embrace the power of WATS and unlock the full potential of your testing today!

Ready to revolutionize your data management? Explore the WATS hosting options now and take the first step toward a seamless, efficient, and future-proof solution.
Don’t wait – get started today!

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