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Virinco Opens New Branch In Switzerland

VIRINCO and its WATS Opens New Branch In Switzerland.

Drammen, Norway – Schwyz, Switzerland, April 2023

Norwegian technology firm Virinco, equipped with the WATS solution, today announced that it has opened a new branch office in Switzerland, aiming to expand its customer base and product offering in Central Europe.

Headed by Christian Schöpf, Director of Client Solutions Central Europe, this office will serve as the central point for Virinco’s WATS operations in Switzerland and the wider central European region. WATS offers comprehensive global control of manufacturing to businesses In a variety of industries and is used by some of the biggest brands in the world – including GE, ABB, and Siemens.

The new office will allow Virinco to support sales of its world-renowned WATS platform to existing regional clients like Ivoclar, Medela, and Skidata – as well as new customers that are looking to work with the best technology on the market.

Christian himself brings decades of experience in automation, testing, and measurement, all from an array of different industries. Fluent in German, French, and English, Christian will serve Europe’s largest markets with a local touch. Virinco is seriously investing in broadening its presence in Central Europe and they’re excited to see Christian drive that vision forward.

Vidar Grønås, Sales Director at Virinco, expressed his excitement for expanding further into Central Europe by establishing a new office. Asking him about the expansion, he said “I’m confident that the WATS platform, under the leadership of Christian, will bring greater efficiency to our current and future clients, providing them with valuable insights and the best technology to streamline their business processes.”

Christian Schopf, in Virinco

Christian Schöpf
Director Client Solutions Central Europe

At Virinco, we are the experts for test data management, partnering with high-tech giants and innovative startups to revolutionize testing and manufacturing with our product WATS.

Our goal is to empower our clients to launch better products and services, faster and more cost-effectively, helping them be competitive using test data.

Our clients range from small disruptors and government entities to prestigious Fortune 500 companies – all benefiting from WATS’ commitment to excellence.

Since 2003, our groundbreaking Test Data Management solution has helped thousands of global users and has now processed more than 75 billion data points.

WATS helps you put all of your Manufacturing and RMA Test and Repair Data to work, allowing for an unrivaled ability to transform your data into actionable insight through statistical and qualitative analysis.

Join the ranks of leading manufacturers and experience the WATS difference today!

WATS automates the transformation of test and repair data into real-time actionable information for the global value chain through any web browser. WATS can integrate with a wide range of third-party systems and data sources, from turn-key manufacturing test systems to enterprise software and business intelligence applications.

WATS Manufacturing Intelligent system.

For more information:

Tom Andres Lomsdalen, CEO Virinco, Mobile: +47 93 03 02 75,
Vidar Grønås, Sales Director Virinco, Mobile: +47 95 98 48 38,
Christian Schöpf, Director Client Solutions Central Europe, Mobile: +41 76 341 78 79,

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