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Working Closely With Our Partner DSE

By May 11th, 2023No Comments
Working with our sales partner in Denmark, DSE, we successfully implemented a test data logging system built to improve quality, and it’s still going strong.

At WATS, we believe that quality is key when it comes to manufacturing. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing powerful solutions that help manufacturers take control of their test data – and make the most of it.

We have a long-standing relationship with our sales partner in Denmark, DSE Test Solutions A/S , and a little over 7 years ago we helped their client Leica Geosystems Technology A/S develop a test system that met their specific needs – most notably, greater traceability in production. We provided the test data logging system, which since then has provided real-time test data for monitoring and quality improvements. Here’s what it looks like.

The Setup

DSE opted to provide a solution centering on a universal test station that incorporates adaptable system modules and instrumentation. This approach facilitates cost-effective modifications to accommodate forthcoming products. Beyond that, the system was specifically designed to minimize maintenance requirements and ensure outstanding repeatability.

The software platform is composed of an NI TestSTand and sequencer platform and NI LabVIEW, which is programmed with application and instrument-specific drivers. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be customized based on the specific requirements of each customer – a customization called EasyStand by DSE. Additionally, operators have access to working instructions and manuals in a paperless format at the test station – including checklists and reporting.

DSE also provided hardware solutions built on standardized modular systems and instrumentation – which can be reused for other products. The system is straightforward to maintain, and it permits the swift exchange and integration of the Device-Under-Test and particular cables or fixtures.

Where We Came In

We were selected as the provider of the Test Data Logging system; one that offers real-time test data for monitoring and improving both product quality and manufacturing processes. To enable data logging on our server, WATS was integrated into the NI Teststand.

Once a manual process has been completed, the operator must authorize the logging process, which is then recorded in the WATS system, resulting in enhanced quality assurance. Detailed test results, including voltage measurements and limits, are generated for all Devices under Test (DUTs), and reports are made available to Leica Geosystems Technology A/S through a web-based application. All of this has operated without issue for well over 7 years now, so to call it robust would be an understatement.

At WATS, we recognize that enabling continuous quality improvements is crucial, which is why we have made it effortless for all logged data to be stored and accessed by any authorized user. This empowers manufacturers to analyze data and uncover opportunities for improvement.

We are dedicated to assisting manufacturers in taking charge of their manufacturing process and enhancing their product quality. If you are searching for a solution that can provide complete traceability, assist with quality assurance, and give you the ability to refine your testing procedures, then WATS is the platform for you.

Want to improve testing and by extension manufacturing quality in your business? It’s simple. You need WATS.

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